The Story

behind the name

Sesame, (Σήσαμον = Sesamon in ancient Greek), is a highly nutritious seed that can be eaten raw or ground into tahini paste. A favourite among Middle Eastern and Mediterranean populations, sesame has been an integral part of the region’s cuisine for over 4,000 years. We decided to name our product range after the seed itself because we wished to emphasize its many health benefits and take the opportunity to showcase its identity.

Sesamon Passion cake, halva’s delicious sibling, is without doubted tahini at its best. We paired this fantastic sesame-based dessert with ice cream, fresh fruit, nuts and honey and the result was the most scrumptious and healthy temptation you can imagine.

Tahini a super food for you

Sesame seed is a rich source of lignans (sesamin and sesamolin), a type of substance that has been positively proven to reduce cholesterol levels, prevent strokes and blood pressure from rising, and stop free roots that are linked to various types of cancer.

Sesame also helps boost the immune system and prevent the formation of cataracts, while it is particularly efficient against diabetes.

Thanks to its high protein content, sesame also has strong antibacterial action. According to recent studies, the proteins found in sesame are particularly effective against bacteria while the seed itself is used as a preserving agent for other food products.

Sesame is most commonly consumed in the form of tasty tahini-based halva. With a sesame content of 60%, halva is packed with all the health benefits associated with the sesame consumption.

Furthermore, due to the high content of nutrients present in sesame seeds such as zinc, calcium and phosphorus, their consumption has been shown to significantly improve bone health.

According to researchers, sesamol, an organic compound found in sesame seeds, provides protection against radiation-induced DNA damage caused randomly or as a result of cancer treatment by chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Tahini is a primary food product made out of 100% ground sesame seeds. It is produced without chemical processing and does not contain any additives. Tahini is plant-based, gluten-free and particularly rich in protein. It also packs a lot of healthy fats.